Restoring Connection from The Great Disconnect


I have been on my journey for some time now and for a long time I sensed certain things without being able to articulate them.  I am incredibly grateful to authors like Eckhart Tolle (especially The Power of Now) and Deepak Chopra (Synchrodestiny) for articulating truths that I had discerned but had not been able to articulate.

Once I had brought these truths to my consciousness, I began to realise the impact of personal decision making, not only in my life but in the life of everyone.  All choices essentially boil down to one choice – do I remain connected to the infinite Source of all or do I choose to be disconnected from it?  The thing is though, that modern (particularly Western) culture is built on the great disconnect, the idea that we are all individuals who “own” stuff.  The great disconnect results in behaviours that are controlling, selfish, taking, exploitative of people and things.  Personal wealth, power and influence are at the heart of this.  Zen Gardner is a prolific writer in the arena of raising awareness of the disconnect and it’s effects on us and the planet.

Wake up world, Collective Evolution and What Would Love Do International are just three of several organisations seeking to raise awareness of the disconnect and help people find a way back to connection, by raising awareness and articulating how things are in the disconnect and by providing opportunities to make a difference.

My own journey led me to the framework of Restorative Practice and Peacemaking Circles through a local Restorative Justice initiative to facilitate resolutions to neighbourhood disputes.  I have found that participating in Circles is a way to restore connection at a deep level and assist people to move from the disconnect towards connection.  Used by local communities owning the conflict in their area, Circles are proving to be a positive influence in restoring connection between people and bringing peace.  Neighbours are connecting with neighbours and building communities of care for each other where Circles are used around the world

My invitation to you today is to consider whether you are happy living in the great disconnect or whether you would rather be, start or continue in the way of connection?  This blog was inspired by the phrase Loneliness is about a sense of disconnection from a blog by Lou Kavar.

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